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SEO - What's the Buzz


Because 11 tips are certainly better than ten!


  1. Start your title tag with your keyword. The closer to the start of your title the better!
  2. Try to use relevant keywords in your URL
  3. Make sure that your title gets the attention it needs by H1-tagging it
  4. Subheadings are important too! Use relevant keywords and phrases as subheadings and H2-tag them!
  5. Try to use as many keywords as possible within the first 100 words of your article
  6. Also use synonyms - snag those readers with an assortment of words and phrases
  7. And remember - post long articles!
  8. Whilst you’re writing these articles, remember to post useful backlinks within your site and to external sites too!
  9. It is important to make your site look engaging with media and images - but remember - if your images are not optimized for web they can increase the page load time and slow down your site and user browser experience!
  10. Try to name your images something relevant - and if you can “alt” them, do that too!
  11. Remember to share share share your posts on all social media platforms - the more traffic to your site, the better!

If all else fails and you're still having trouble getting your site to rank, contact us for some experienced assistance!